About Us

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New Yasmeen Bakery  is a neighborhood bakery serving a delicious variety of Lebanese flatbreads (Manoucheh), bite sized bakes (Mouajjanet) and a lot more. All our baking is done fresh in our ovens with the majority ingredients and toppings carefully handpicked by selected Lebanese farmers.

Our hope is to create an authentic farm to table experience in the heart of the city by offering our consumers high quality and natural products prepared by our talented and creative team in the most authentic and traditional way.

New Yasmeen Bakery’s vision is to revive the Lebanese pride by developing the Manoucheh while remaining strongly rooted in our food heritage and traditions.


Once upon a time, in the sunny and beautiful land of Lebanon, there was a baker. His name was Ali and he lived in a small town at the foot of a mountain. Day and night he worked in his bakery, which he called “Yasmeen Bakery” baking bread and pies. Everybody used to say “Ali makes the best bread in this town!” And that made him happy. Soon came a day when Ali called his oldest son Mohamed and told him “Son, I bake the best bread in this town, now you must bake the best bread in Lebanon!” And so Mohamed did. He worked day and night, and he knew his bread was very good, so he summoned up four riders and gave them each a bag with bread and said, “Ride to the four corners of Lebanon and give this bread to strangers, so that they will know that Mohamed bakes the best bread in Lebanon. Tell them that they are welcome in his bakery!” Off his riders went, and soon everyone in Lebanon knew that Mohamed baked the best bread. Seeing that his promise was fulfilled Mohamed called his younger brothers Ahmed and Hussein and told them “Ahmed and Hussein, I bake the best bread in Lebanon, now you must bake the best bread in the World!”. So, Ahmed, the older of the two brothers said “We must go to America.” And so they did. They came to Dearborn, Michigan, in the United States, and build a small bakery called “The New Yasmeen Bakery”. Soon everyone in Dearborn knew that they baked the best bread. So they made the bakery bigger and more people came. Finally they moved to a new beautiful 15,000 square foot building that sparkled, and looked like a palace. They were ready for the world. But Mohamed was sad and his younger brother Hussein asked him “Brother, we have a beautiful bakery. Why are you sad?”. “Because even if we bake the best bread in the world” Mohamed answered, “how will the whole big world know? We cannot send riders with bread to the four corners of the world.” To that Hussein simply said “Brother, we will bring the world to us! We will do it with the magic power of the Internet!”

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